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You can have the best product or service but if no one knows about it then you’ll never reach your potential, that’s where PPC comes in. Pay Per Click Advertising targets potential customers because it actively seeks them out when they’re searching for the very thing you are selling.

Google Ads is a dark art, have no doubt about it; creating successful, profitable paid search campaigns takes a lot of time which is why you need to call in the experts.

What is PPC or Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is where your adverts are placed on Google and appear to a user when a specific search term is used. You don’t pay each time your advert is shown, but each time someone clicks on it. For this reason, it is imperative that your adverts are clear and concise and send people to the relevant page so you make the most from your PPC budget.

When you start up a new website one of the things you will want to do is drive traffic to it to help bring up your ratings. Pay per click advertising is one way that you can do this, it works by paying people to visit your website and stay on the link for a certain duration of time. What you do need to remember if you use this service to boost your ratings, is that there are rules surrounding search engine optimisations, so flooding your page with visitors for a short duration of time, and then the site clicks going quiet can look suspicious, but there are ways around it.

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Our impressive PPC management formula promises real results and a campaign that really contributes to your business, without the hassle of having to control it. We’ll keep you in the loop at all times, reporting on the achievements as well as the areas for improvement. Whatever package you choose, we’ll let you in on where your money is being invested. ​


Although we have an inventory of experience and success stories, we’ll always approach your campaign with fresh eyes, an open mind and, of course, expertise. This means we promise bespoke strategies, designed for your brand’s growth. Our PPC management team operates as an extension of your own brand so we’re always on the same wavelength.


PPC management for small businesses is always evolving. We help you competitively manage your budget and capitalise on upcoming trends as well as unexpected market changes because we believe your marketing should work for you. Our packages are designed to suit businesses of all sizes and our strategies and infinite ideas are always ready to grow with you, too.


Being affordable is, of course, relative. Again, we’re a little different to other PPC agencies in London. We’ve created our unique ‘hours’ packages; allowing you to decide the budget that’s right for you. And whatever your budget, we have the expertise to make it work hard for you. Because we know great marketing doesn’t need to cost the earth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid search advertising is by far the most dynamic and measurable way of driving highly engaged users to your website. Under the right guidance, it can work for companies of all sizes across multiple industries. Whether you’re a local business or a national leader, we can implement a strategy that works for you.


When it comes to PPC and SEO there are a coupe of significant differences; both of which can play to your strengths depending on what kind of business you have, what you offer and where you are located.

1 – Paid ads always appear at the top of the page – above the organic results which are influenced by SEO. With around four ads on desktop and three on mobile, users will always see your paid search ads, even if they choose to scroll past them.

2 – SEO is technically free whereas you pay for PPC. Why technically? Well SEO takes time and with search engines constantly changing their algorithms, you need to keep on top of these updates otherwise your site will lose ground.

You might be wondering why you would ever pay for ads when you can hit up your audience organically through SEO – well, keywords have become increasingly competitive which makes it harder for a business that doesn’t have the domain authority to get into the top rankings.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about SEO, in fact PPC and SEO work best when used simultaneously.

Results are improved by implementing both paid and organic methods so, if you want high-growth, aggressive marketing, then you need to develop a holistic search engine strategy rather than look at SEO or PPC in isolation.

The essence of a good PPC campaign is not just about targeting in on specific keywords, key phrases and negative keywords. The copy that sits within your ads are just as important as they need to hook a reader in and make them want to follow your call to action.

Great copy will get the right people clicking and, just like your keywords, your ad needs to give them exactly what they’re looking for – simple, clear language and easy to follow call to action will help those conversions.

When it comes to compiling a PPC ad, you’ll need to include a headline, a URL, and a short description, all of which have character restrictions. In order to make the most impact in a short space make sure you’re:

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