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The Little Things Are Important In SEO. But So Are The Big Things.

A Successful, Digital Strategy Is Based On A Correct Analytics Setup Of Your Website And Your Business.


Are you easy to find?

There could be lots of people out there looking for exactly what you have but they don’t know of your existence because they can’t find you in their search engine. To find you via this method people will use a search term and if you have not optimised your website with the top ranking keywords, others that have will gain their custom before you. Knowing your sites rank by having an SEO audit in popular search engines as well as your top keyword ranks will enable you to make changes that make you more visible. Using links to your site when advertising on social networking sites, blogs and emails makes it easier for the customer too, making them more likely to visit.

We work closely with our clients when establishing goals and objectives for their online activity. Our team of experts uses a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources and techniques for an accurate analysis of your business, customers and competition. At the end of our analysis and audit, we submit a comprehensive report on our findings, which includes clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take.

We offer real time analytics, in-page analytics, market analysis, content auditing, competitor auditing, customer auditing, and influencer analysis. We also create “personas”, which is an effective way to understand the needs of your users while prioritizing the features and functionality of your personalized strategy for success. Some of the useful features within our analytics program include: custom filters, automated tasks, event tracking, funnel visualisation, assisted conversions, visitor flow, reverse goal paths, plus many more services dependent on what your company requires.

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