Web Migration

Making Change A Success For Your Business

Thinking Of Changing Your Domain Name?

Or Perhaps You’re Getting Tired Of Your Current CMS And Want To Migrate To Another?

Change is a major part of being a business owner. It is how your business grows and evolves; it is how your business flourishes.
But moving your content over to a new domain or switching your site’s CMS can bring about a whole host of problems for your business. Without accurate knowledge and correct application of website migration, your website’s traffic will take a dramatic turn, and you may find yourself stuck at the very beginning. Web migration is not as easy as it may seem; more is involved than just simply redirecting your site and changing your content.

Our Web Migration Services

We work hard to see all the requirements of your site and what the potential dangers will be when migrating. We will see what needs to change and what needs to stay the same in order to make sure your site’s traffic has little to no disruption. We research your user’s behaviour on your current site in order to see what is required to keep them happy when migrating your site. When it comes to the actual structure of your site, we will diligently analyse and audit all features and seek out what works, what doesn’t, and how it can be improved.

Therefore, when it comes to web migrating, restructuring URLs and redirect mapping, our attention to detail is above and beyond. We take out the time to carefully and successfully transfer your site diligently and effectively so that your site’s traffic and your users will not be affected.

We Will Make Sure That:

  • The content and structure of your site is fully optimised
  • Perfect site redirection
  • Comprehensive benchmarking
  • 100% HTTPS migration
  • You are involved at each step of your web migration process

Our Web Migration Promise

At TDMC, our clients are at the very core of what we do. Your thoughts, goals, and desires are paramount to us, and they are the very base of what we will provide for you. That’s why we will make sure that, when migrating your site, all of your design visions and priorities are met.

We promise that your site will retain its standing and will not lose its ranking or traffic during or after migration. Instead, we will see to it that your business will only get better.

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