Instagram Advertising

Your Brand Has A Story Worth Telling

Paint The Perfect Portrait Of Your Brand And Showcase Your Vision.

Many use Instagram to connect with people from all over the world and to portray the very best of themselves to their followers.

But for businesses, Instagram does a lot more than that.

Instagram is the perfect way to amplify the very nature of your brand. It enables its users to show the very best of their business, allowing them to tell their story and share their thoughts with the world.

As a savvy business owner, you can use Instagram to tell your brand’s story AND to advertise your business. This means you will be able to make visual connections and form strong relationships with your clients —past, present, and future.

Yes —Instagram is a perfect way for others to build trust in your business, moving them to put faith in your products or services.

Our Instagram Mission

Instagram advertising needs to be done well. It’s not just about beautiful graphics or ad promotions —it involves technical, strategical solutions in order to enhance your business.

At TDMC, we endeavour to make your business shine with our Instagram advertising. We want to help your business flourish.

Our leading social media team have worked with many successful businesses, helping them boost their brand with Instagram advertising. We get down to the very core of your business and learn the ins and outs of your clients and your target audience. We have successfully delivered the very thoughts, dreams, and visions of our clients by helping their business reach its full potential and we have loved every minute of it!

Instagram Advertising For You

You may well already have an Instagram account for your business —and that’s great! But there are many extra, unwritten Instagram must-haves that your business needs.

Powerful Visual Graphics

Our skilled creatives will produce powerful imagery that will make your viewers want to read every stage of your story. We will make sure your whole Instagram page correlates with your brand –even down to the bare basics, such as colour, layout and dynamic presentation. 

Posting Strategy

There are high times and low times when it comes to the traffic on Instagram. We make sure that we keep with the stats when it comes to uploading at times when your post will experience more traffic. Therefore, our team will help you post at the best times to increase traffic to your feed.

Instagram Optimization

Want your posts to be seen by new, relative businesses? We make sure that your Instagram is optimized so that your posts are recognized as a high authority and appear under people’s searches. For example, we use hashtag optimization and keywords to get your posts to the people who are searching for a business owner like you.

Promotion Techniques

We help you create ads that Instagram will promote on the feeds of its users. This will open so many doors and build fresh opportunities for you.

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